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Loosing your digital freedom

Currently the music and movie industry is trying to yet again restrict your use of the music, movies and tv you buy, watch and listen too. Today you have the right to make a mix CD from the radio and record some TV to watch later, but soon that freedom will be lost unless you voice your opinion now.

The EFF have an amusing take on a serious message:



Warning! potential spoilers…

I’ve just finished watching the last episode of FOX’s 24. Amazingly I entirely missed seasons 1-3 when on TV, but was bought the DVD set of Season 1 for a birthday. It sat on my shelf unwatched for a year before I opened the wrapping and have been hooked ever since.

Somehow the producers manage to keep you on the edge of your seat through every episode, although I have to say from watching Season 4 on TV and experiencing the breaks, that watching more than a 1 hour episode without the adverts on DVD makes for much higher level of enjoyment. The early season DVDs sometimes stole 3-4 hour chunks of my life I was so captivated, and the 2-hour start and ending that FOX did were the best viewing simply because they allowed you to get more immersed.

Watching the ending, it is sad that Season 4 looks as though it’s the last to come. I’m glad they found a way to keep Jack alive as you build up a raport which makes the characters real. Loosing them would be hard. I guess that’s a sign of a good show, as is knowing when to end.

Still, I’ll miss not only Jack’s incredible talent of staying alive, but the rest of the team too, especially Chloe. I hope Kiefer Sutherland decides to try something new again soon.


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Update: Looks like these may be offline now. Give me a subscription link where I pay to view and I’ll sign up on a monthly basis…