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Loosing your digital freedom

Currently the music and movie industry is trying to yet again restrict your use of the music, movies and tv you buy, watch and listen too. Today you have the right to make a mix CD from the radio and record some TV to watch later, but soon that freedom will be lost unless you voice your opinion now.

The EFF have an amusing take on a serious message:


Best Film of 2005 (so far)

This year we’ve had some good movies including all round action like Star Wars and chick flicks like Hitch, but the film that has totally exceeded my expectations and in a way potentially revived a dead series (at least for me) was Batman Begins.

The original Batman movie was very good, but with each subsequent release, the films and actors just didn’t do it for me. All this has changed with an excellent film from Christopher Nolan, which takes a big step back in time and refines the history of Batman. At times you have to ignore the conflicts with the ealier(later) films, but the action, acting and excellent story telling far outweigh any possible complaints.

Liam Neeson is truly brilliant. Christian Bale makes the perfect Bruce Wayne and is supported by a cast that probably won’t be matched this year. Only Katie Holmes feels out of place, but I’m not sure quite why. Perhaps it is because she is so pure that you couldn’t imagine her having the job as a DA, perhaps it’s her acting, or perhaps because she’s one of the few American accents in the film, and so stands out a mile away.

The film is well worth a watch. So much so, that I may enjoy it again.



I just watched the film ‘Ray’ this evening and would thoroughly recommend it. The name Ray Charles was new to me, but some songs were instantly recognizable. The film taught me so much about things that didn’t happen that long ago, especially since some of the things happened in Georgia, my current home. People like Ray definitely helped make the world with live in today, and when the state publicly apologized and took on his song for the state, it was a touching moment. Suddenly lots of things that you see on a daily basis click into place.

The other side of the story was seeing a man on one side growing into success, and yet at the same time, completely failing due to drugs. His wife was so strong and forgiving. Again, a lesson to us all.

Well worth the time to see, but definitely a film to educate, enjoy then contemplate.