Dave Ramsey Lost His Way

For a few years I’ve been following Dave Ramsey, sometimes listening to his radio show when travelling, sometimes a podcast and glancing at his website for ideas and suggestions. A month or so ago his podcasts stopped updating on the website, and now when I visit to see why, all I see is a locked down paywall site which sends me straight away. Of course you can still get the podcasts through iTunes from your website, but this is counter to those people on a real budget that need advise and should be using an Windows or Android phone instead of wasting their money on a $700 Apple product. So so far off course…

Dave Ramsey was always about saving money, so Dave, I’ll be saving my money and not making any referrals or recommendations on your behalf anymore. You appear to have stepped over the threshold of charging for everything including shared user advice. I know you’ve made buckets of money over the years already so I hope this doesn’t kill off your future dreams – as you’ll soon discover the Internet is a very shrewd place and other free resources will suck up your lost clientele which will devalue your branding to advertisers.

All the best though, I enjoyed your show while it was accessible!

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