Countdown Creator Review

The Countdown Creator ( is a tool aimed at churches and other media groups, to add a countdown timer onto video. I bought this product after finding that Sony Vegas doesn’t have any plugin suitable for creating this. The marketplace is pretty sparse, with really only one product out there, and after using it a few times, I would hesitate to recommend it to you for these reasons:

– It is restricted to video files that are 720×480 (i.e. not standard TV)
– The MPG export feature doesn’t work, so you’re limited to WMV files being output
– Technical support is useless (the person took about a week to even reply to an email)
– The output quality is not that good (perhaps a restriction of WMV?)

Saying that, it does enable you to create a video file with time counting down. We used it to overlay massive time onto a black background and then re-edited that into our video in Vegas.

As a rating, 3/10 would be all I’d give it. Your mileage may vary!

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