Vista SP1 RTM not quite ready for action

I’ve been using this on 2 PC’s for a week or so now, and I have to say that I’ve noticed more issues since the upgrade than before.

An example: I just ‘moved files’ from one folder to another. I clicked replace (as there already existed files in the destination folder with the same name), and ‘repeat for further X conflicts’. The first pass left 4 folders and 5 files in the source folder! When I then repeated the move, an empty folder was left in the source folder.

That is just rubbish!

Another example:

I set up an ‘offline folders’ share to my new PC from my old. The folders showed up in the Sync manager and started to sync. As there was 50GB or so to do, I choose to switch off my PC and continue the next day. On switching my PC back on, it refused to continue to Sync. However, worse than that, unless you can restore the network connection, there is NO WAY to remove this partial sync. What if the source PC died? Then I’d be screwed!

On my desktop, I now have an issue where I cannot write to one CD burner while playing a DVD from another. I get some kind of error thrown.

On my XBOX360, which is connected to my desktop media center, there are now extra folders listed in the ‘Video’ section – for a start there are about 12 USB Card Reader ports that never used to be there, and which there appears to be no way of turning off in the Folder setup, and my ‘Recorded Video’ link is now there twice. (I had moved it to my D:, so perhaps it’s moved it back?)

I’m sure we’ll get updates to fix these, but some – the file move one especially – is a little bit fundamental!

The good news is that lots of little ‘buggets’ – things like folder settings – appear to now be resolved. So yes, I’m sure it’s worth the upgrade, but don’t expect it to give you that perfect operating system.

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