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Even Google has hiccups

As probably the biggest web server farm in the world, with their entire business based on providing a reliable service, it is amusing to see that even Google occasionally has its hiccups:


Office 2007 Blogging

Apparently Office 2007 now provides a blogging capability from Word 2007. If this is true, then this post will appear on my blog.

Wow! And to think I couldn’t blog before this!

Off to click Publish now…

Ok, it worked.. Just don’t try and use smileys or anything like that.


Britain – Big Brother State


Western society… Big Brother is here

Let’s face it, current governments are spying on their population, none more so than the United Kingdom. It is done in the name of national security – using fear of terrorism as a method of bypassing people’s normal questioning minds. The new acceptance appears to be: “If it is against terrorism, then it’s good!” But this is not always true. The changes being made today are the implementation of systems that allow your government to spy on you, and therefore control you. It is time to start questioning this invasion of privacy.

This video shows some of the story: