Vista with VMWare – speedup

Something that I’ve noticed recently is that Vista spends a lot of time continually accessing my hard disks, and thanks to the Resource Monitor, it is possible to see what files are being accessed now days.

On my system, 100’s of megabytes were being read from my .VMDK files. At first I thought this was just VMWare, but I’ve realised that actually the Vista search indexer is indexing these files in the background because they are stored under my profile directory.

Everytime I run VMWare, the disk files are modified causing Vista to re-index them.

A speed up is to go into the Vista Control Panel, into the search options and remove these file types from being indexed:

.VMDK (VMWare Disk)
.VHD (A Microsoft Virtual PC disk image I believe)
.VMEM (VMWare Memory dump)
If you remove (uncheck) these, you will find that the indexer spends much less time eating your hard disk, resulting in a system speedup. (Note: You may have to add .vhd as a filetype).

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