Vista RTM Experiences Day 7

Thankfully manufacturers are starting to put out drivers for Vista.  An example is Lenovo who this week released a Power Management driver and Active Protection System version specifically for Vista.

The Power Management was odd because when I first installed Vista I had the battery icon, but a short time after that it vanished never to come back.  This new driver now means I can see the state of the battery, even if it doesn’t appear to change the actual workings – my batteries now last what appears to be the same time as before.   Neither times being anywhere near that of XP – Vista is a power hog.

There are some oddities still – for instance you browse to a network server, provide credentials and login, checking the box that says Remember Me or whatever it is.  Under XP next time you browsed back it would just log you in.  Now you have to re-type everything and it doesn’t remember the login.

I’ve decided that ReadyBoost does perhaps help.  I updated my SD card drivers and the I/O appears slightly quicker and so doesn’t destroy the computer when mirroring data.  That and the fact that I changed the SD card options to performance – I run the risk of loosing data more, but the SD card now operates much quicker and so makes ReadyBoost actually help a little.  Especially when the PC has many programs loaded.

There are some memory bugs for sure.  At a low level somewhere.  Twice I’ve had Vista just spin off into infinity, churning the hard drive – one of those times I was watching in Task Manager and something allocated over 3 GB pagefile.  The trouble is everything continues to run but new things stop working when that happens – you can swap windows but not start a new program.  I’m guessing there is a bug in the new Desktop Window Manager as it seems to be random as to the application that causes it.

Oh yes, a good thing: Extended desktops are accelerated in Vista.  Unlike in XP where my second desktop appeared to have a software driver for DirectX.  Under Vista a DirectX appears to run the same speed on either screen.

One amusing thing is the new Reliability Monitor.  On my system the graph is headed downhill.

The new icon view is very cool – you can scale the icons to any size.  The picture browser/printer is really powerful too.

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