Things wrong with Vista RTM Day 4

The bad:

PPTP VPN to Monowall doesn’t work.  XP worked fine.

Onecare keeps putting up little messages to tell me it is up to date.  Please tell me if it has a problem staying up to date, but messages like that are pointless.

The good:

I bought a new network printer and the installation was so simple.  If drivers exist, installation of devices appears to be very smooth.  It didn’t detect that the printer had a duplexing unit built in, but that was simple to change.  Printing appears very quick and stable, although for some reason if you multi-click more than about 10 files and right-click to Print, the menu disappears.  Not sure why you cannot bulk print 100 files as easily as 10.

Standby now appears to work as expected.  I think the problem is that you press a key to bring the system awake, but the screens stay blank until the mouse is moved – just like the screens have gone to sleep and not been woken up.

Generally I’m feeling happier about Vista now.  The search tool being on the start menu is nicer than desktop search that stole some of your taskbar.  The search is really quick and is a faster way to find programs that drilling through the start menu.  A really neat feature.

The media player feels better than WMP11 on XP did too.  I liked the feature that when I played a video file, it permitted me to resume playing my previous playlist.  I hadn’t seen that under XP.

I’m getting used to the new explorer layout and can say that the favorites section is actually really useful.  So many times you open an explorer to drill down to the same location.  Initially I thought it was wasted space, but having put 5 or so key directories on the favorites list, it actually is much quicker to get to where you want.

Now things are up and running I’m much happier.  More tomorrow.

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