Things wrong with Vista RTM Day 3

Today the system was running a little more smoothly. Mostly. I think that the defragmenter and search indexers that had been running in the background have finally finished re-organizing my PC.

However I tried to have a Skype conversation and that was disastrous. While I could hear the other person fine all the time, they could only sometimes hear me. For some reason my microphone audio would drop out. To start with I thought it was when the CPU hit 100% due to me using an application while talking with them, but I’m not convinced that was the total reason. A PC not being able to steam audio is not good though.

It could equally have been the network dropping UDP packets, but why only outbound traffic? Basically Skype is worthless on Vista though – perhaps by design (conspiracy theories commence), but most likely due to driver issues.

I now have the IBM TPM driver for Vista installed, hoping that it would enable me to use the BitLocker protection, but the control panel for that says it doesn’t support it. Worse, it looks like you have to partition your drive in a weird manner to use BitLocker. I’ve no idea why… I hate dual partitions so maybe I won’t use that.

Still no sign of IBM Active Protection for Vista, or any Biometrics.

Oh yes, Sleep mode, that supposedly instant on, took about 2 minutes to un-sleep this morning. I think a full boot may be quicker.

Also, yesterday I did a hibernate, my usual way of turning the machine off overnight, and the screen goes black where you used to have that progress bar showing the percent saved to disk. Talk about taking a step back.

On a positive note, it is pretty. The new window design really is sweet.

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  1. VPC said,

    January 13, 2007 @ 2:29 pm

    I read your blog about the TPM driver for IBM. I would suggest following the release of the Seagate FDE drive. It looks like a really elegant solution, but it is controlled at this time by another software besides IBM/Lenovo-made, it is Wave Systems. But if you don’t mind a different software on your PC, you will enjoy the functionality of this drive. I have seen it at CES last week. FYI

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