Things wrong with Vista RTM Day 1

Serious: My Western Digital USB external drive is not flagged as removable, making it dangerous to unplug as I might loose data.

Trivial: In Control Panel, Turn Windows Features on or off, under IIS/WWW/Performance, the description of the help tag is wrong for Http Compression Dynamic. It duplicates the text about Classic ASP from a few options above.

Missing drivers: Thinkpad biometrics, Intel ICH-6 LCP, Quatach DSP-100. I used the XP drivers for the Quatech card and ignored the others for the moment.

The good: Vista does ‘feel’ faster once you’re in it than XP.  I get the feeling the memory management is better too as things don’t appear to have to page in as frequently.  When doing lots of things at once, the system feels more responsive.

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