XBOX 360 First Thoughts

This week I finally got hold of an XBOX 360 Premium for $399 from my local Walmart.  The first thing I then purchased was a Wireless card ($99) for it and GRAW – Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter ($60).

Good things:

  • Game quality
  • Media Center integration
  • XBOX Live downloads

Bad things:

  • Noisy when playing games (gets hot)
  • Dashboard really needs to have a download queue
  • Dashboard really needs to retry connecting when a download fails
  • Doesn’t play AAC through Media Center
  • Doesn’t play DIVX through Media Center
  • Game instability – GRAW locked up at the end of the training session, so I had to do it again although no problems since
  • Games are so focused on HDTV that they don’t work well on a regular TV – hard to read text on the screen

Will update as I find other things.

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