Sony – how to remove glue

Today I finally got annoyed enough about one of my pet hates to ask the source for a solution – CD protective sticker glue.

I hate it! I do the honest thing and buy products and am treated like criminal in that I have layers of wrapping and gunky stickers sealing my CD inside an environmental catastrophe. It often takes me 5 minutes to actually get into a CD case without destroying it, and then I’m left with a ruined product – a case that is completely unsuitable to sit on the shelf due to all the glue spoiling it.

I’ve tried using hot water and soap to remove the glue, but that doesn’t really budge it, it just smudges the glue flat.

I’ve also tried an alchohol based gunk remover, but that destroys the plastic and it all goes white.

Today I finally decided to phone my latest CD supplier – Sony BMG. I have to say that their automated helpline (800-222-7669) is rubbish. They have an automated system called Max whose needs reprogramming. He’s irritating. You try calling with a problem with a CD and you’ll see what I mean.

Eventually I made it to a human who was actually really helpful, although at first we had troubles in identifying the product to be supported. I had to point out that it was something you bought in a shop and had music on it. Comes in a little case with annoying stickers before they grasped that I wasn’t talking about a CD player. I can be real sarcastic at times. Sorry!

Unfortunately there appeared to be no recommended method of removing the glue. I said that the product was damaged by the packaging and if I wanted a customer repair procedure or wanted to return it for repair. I think they thought I was joking at one point but the guy kept his cool and tried to find a solution.

After two pauses on hold, he said to try oil with a swab. Just a little oil. Motor oil I asked? Baby oil he said. Well I didn’t have any baby oil, so I tried some vegetable cooking oil, and after lots of rubbing, sure enough it did the job. Obviously it is worth dismantling the CD case before trying to clean it, otherwise you destroy the paper in it. You also need to wash the case in soap and water to remove the oil. Full immersion appears to work best there.

So there you go, Sony says to use oil to remove the CD case glue, and it really works! Now I can enjoy my CD collection again. It is a pity about the time we have to waste in cleaning up their mess, along with all the enironmental waste generated. Ironically, no protection stops thieves – when will they learn that and stop wasting our time and money and just focus on finding good music?

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  1. Rob said,

    January 11, 2010 @ 11:48 pm

    It’s good to know there is a solution for getting the sticky glue off the cd case. Yes, it’s extremely annoying to spend 5 minutes peeling off all the bits of the plastic seal strip only to be left with a sticky mess.
    Now that download sales are rapidly outpacing CD sales, I wonder if the record companies will find some equally aggravating way to annoy their customers?

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