utorrent – the new best Bittorrent Client?

Having been an Azureus user for a long time, probably back before most people had even heard of it, I have enjoyed using Azureus with the comfort that it is the best Bittorrent client out there. Featurewise it has always been way ahead of the pack, and while some people complain about performance, on my PC it used to take virtually no CPU time, although I’ll admit the Java runtime does enjoy using memory.

Last week I discovered a new client that has changed my views on what is the best for me. utorrent. utorrent is tiny. My first download was 96k. 96k! For that, you get something that looks just like Azureus, works like Azureus, but is about 100th of the size. In use, it uses just 6MB of RAM. Total. And CPU-wise it uses basically nothing too. Most impressive.

When I first used it, while I was really impressed, it was still missing a key feature essential for me – DHT. DHT is a distributed database which means that if a torrent tracker is down, your client can still find other people with the file to share with. Version 1.2 added that feature, and that was the catalyst for my change.

I think that for some, Azureus will still have a permanent home. Azureus is highly extendable, with many plug-ins available to enhance it. utorrent doesn’t do that, so if you love your peer blocker, or rss feed checker, then stick with Azureus for now, however if you have a slow PC that struggles to run Azureus, or if you just want a good, small client that covers the core functionality, then you may want to check out utorrent now.

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