Microsoft Mappoint Extranet Browser unfriendly

You just have to love it when a big corporation (Microsoft) that wants to sell services (Mappoint), just has no concept of what the world wants.

I just tried to sign up for a developer account for access to the Mappoint Web Services, but on visiting their website I just get a raw aspx error page! Contacting their support staff and they say”

“It is only compatible with IE 6.0 and once IE 7.0 is released it will be compatible with that as well.


Wonderful. I told you that myself. No care or thought about fixing it? Or perhaps changing the error message to an error page listing compatibility etc.

They don’t deserve an application being written that uses their services if that’s their attitude. Doesn’t look good when a product that claims to provide ‘web services’ can’t even provide a W3C compliant signup web site.

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