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XP Annoyance

Ever since Windows XP landed, many years ago now, Windows users finally received a platform that was finally reliable and robust enough to use. Unlike previous releases (especially Windows 95/98), XP no longer blue screened or leaked memory like a sieve. It could stay running for days and months (security updates permitting) and finally Microsoft had created something that I can say was usable.

Sadly since day one there have been some things that just haven’t quite worked. One in particular I have prayed would be fixed on each release is Window XP’s inability to display icons in the bottom right for all tasks that loaded on startup. I can’t be the only one with many programs that load there… virus checkers, spam filters, desktop searches etc. But on every reboot, Windows has rarely displayed all of my icons; the tasks are running and operating fine, it just seems a bit random as to which icons are displayed.

Now perhaps this is a self-inflicted problem as I do use the bootvis tool from Microsoft which is excellent at optimizing the load order/time of applications during startup thereby making your computer start a lot quicker… perhaps that has optimized some programs to run before the Explorer shell is running, thus preventing them from displaying their icons. Someone must know!

That’s my biggest annoyance with XP… you may have others, but let’s face it, if that’s the level of things that are wrong, things are looking pretty rosy in Redmond.


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