HP Printer Support – OfficeJet 4215

Unlike the rest of my posts relating to customer service, this is a positive report.

I have a HP OfficeJet 4215 all-in-one machine. It’s a printer, fax, scanner etc. and is really really good. Even though I have had a problem and had to call support, I’d still recommend it and would buy another. Value for money, you can’t beat it, especially with support like this:

Rather than calling them, I thought I’d try out their online chat system and got through to an Andrew. (I’m never sure if the people are actually the given name, but there you go.) Anyways, Andrew listened, took me though some logical steps of printing test pages, realignment, cleaning the cartridges and then diagnosed the printer as faulty. He waited patiently when I had a telephone call come in, and then arranged for a new printer to be dropped off so I could send this back. Amazing. So simple, and exactly the right customer focus. It’s left me happy, very pro-HP. And they’ll get more money out of me in the future when I have a decision between an HP or another brand.

The problem? Well the printer was printing bands on the page, making some lines appear smudged. Perfect vertical lines were not perfectly vertical. I hadn’t noticed it until I printed some forms that had straight line box edges, so I don’t know if it was there from day one, or if the problem occurred when using it, but I’ll have another one this week… without loss of use.

Spot on HP!

Update 6/17: I got the replacement unit and it was the same as the previous one.

This time I decided to call technical support and was connected to a little man in India. He had clearly never seen my printer yet alone used one, as it was the worst support call of my life.

Ironically, after being on the phone for an hour, appeasing him with cleaning cartridges etc – following all diagnostics done on the previous call, I got so frustrated that I wanted to talk to his supervisor. After 15 minutes on a transfer hold, I solved the problem myself, so gave up and hung up. The problem? Simply that the printer was in draft mode, and in that mode vertical lines are not pure vertical lines.

So… they still got me a replacement quick enough, fat lot of good it was, but HP seriously need to look at how painful it is to talk to unskilled cheap labour half way around the world and what that does to their reputation.

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