American Express Customer Non-Service

What a night… a call to both the Blue and Gold card lines to report a problem, but on both got people who could barely understand English. My blog is slowly becoming a vent of my frustration of contacting corporate customer service numbers and getting non-service.

Tonight’s calls were because I wanted to complain about something (I wasted 20 minutes in Walmart trying to pay by AMEX… not because of authorization problems or anything, but because Walmart self-serve consoles blow up if you try and pay using AMEX in my local store… but that’s another story.)

I wanted to find out if they could complain to the store, because the store was effectively penalizing and making life difficult for AMEX customers. Sadly the Blue line girl couldn’t understand English, and the Gold line while her English was better, had no concept of customer expectations, analyzing the issue or taking responsible action etc. (it took 10 minutes to get to a 50% understanding of what I was asking).

I gave up in the end but might call again tomorrow to determine if there is an American at the end of a support line somewhere. Someone who understands what I say and has a concept of quality, responsibility, etc. and knows what a Walmart is. Basically someone I can talk to.

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