Dell camera purchase

4 weeks ago I ordered a camera from Dell when they were having a good promotion on. A spangly new Canon SD500 to replace my self-lost S400 (don’t ask). At the time of order placement there was no sign of a delay, but once the order was processed an ETA was given for the end of May. That came and went and an email was sent out moving it to June 9th.

On June 9th I had a telephone call and was just about to hang-up because there was apparently no-body there when an automated voice notified me that there would be another delay and the current estimated time was . No date was spoken. It would be nice to have a meaningful automatic call if you’re going to make it automatic.

Checking on the online website now gives an ETA of June 30th. The camera is no longer listed.

Am I seeing a pattern here? Why is it that Dell don’t have stock of this camera when the rest of the world appears to have it?

The price was good. Perhaps too good. So perhaps their policy when they have a stack of such orders is to just put them on indefinite hold until the device cost comes down or the customers get bored and cancel? Something I’m very tempted to do… perhaps that’s what Dell does to build customer satisfaction?

6/6 update: Got another of those wonderful automated calls which actually gave a date this time of 6/28. However it now said that the order would automatically be cancelled unless I phoned or emailed and told them to keep it open. I should phone or email some number and some address that was blurted out far to quickly to expect someone to actually remember or have to to write down in one hit. Are we supposed to have photographic memories?! What a system. Customer satisfaction… down another point.

6/7 update: Got another of those wonderful automated calls and was of course prepared to catch the number this. Interestingly this was after haven spoken to Dell online yesterday and asked if the order was going to be cancelled, and told not. So today the automated call again tells me I must call to prevent cancellation of the order.

I called and got through to an answer machine. I guess that figures given the automated telephone calls. Perhaps there is someone in Dell that doesn’t live in a box or India that I might one day talk to. This cost saving through outsourcing has gone far enough!

Perhaps tomorrow’s excitement will be having the order cancelled despite leaving a message to the contrary.

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