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Best XP Look

I’ve used XP since before they released it and have, until today, used the regular Windows 2000 looking theme because I always thought the Bubble world was far too bright and child-like. That is until I was pointed to a download that enables themes Windows XP with the Windows Media Center look.

You can find the download here.

Screenshots can be found here.

Try it out and see what you think. It’s simple to enable and disable through the destop properties. If it doesn’t appear in the list, ensure you have not disabled the ‘Themes’ service as I had.


Learn about yourself

Check this site out to learn a lot about yourself. Or perhaps more correctly, what google thinks of you:


Xbox 360

This looks very cool. Sony needs to hatch something very cool to compete:


BBC TV Streams

Class act BBC:


Full list:

Update: Looks like these may be offline now. Give me a subscription link where I pay to view and I’ll sign up on a monthly basis…


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