Amazing – Tiger iChat

While I don’t have a Mac, I want one. As a life long PC user, I’ve been stuck in the Windows world, but that will soon change. The reason? Mac OS X 10.4 – ‘Tiger’.

Apple have released previews of some of the new features, which include a new search system, improved web browser, email client, etc. My favorite has to be the iChat demo:

That is very slick, full screen video across the world with virtually no latency, all due to the h.264 video codec built into QuickTime 7. No video conferencing looks that good on the PC. Anywhere. Yes, in part it’s due to the iSight camera (640×480 autofocusing CCD), but it’s also due to excellent product design.

Rumor has it that Apple will announce Tiger in April, and if they decide to offer free upgrades on all Macs purchased from then to Tiger, I will be buying.

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