Back in ATL

Well, I’m back in the U.S.A. It was a good flight that Delta provided. Half empty which makes for a relaxed time as you get more space and the staff always have bigger smiles.

Amazingly the Atlanta immigration section was totally deserted. That must be a first. In peak summer you can queue up to two hours if you arrive at the worst time (4pm), which is why I try and catch the 9.30 DL11 – arriving at 2pm makes such a difference.

The immigration dude was taking his time, so we got talking. First time I’ve ended up asking them more than they ask me. They took my picture and finger prints again, just in case I’d changed them since I last arrived in the country I guess.

Baggage handling was simple, other than the Atlanta bag drop off. Delta have an infuriating habit of moving it every 6 months, so I went off to the front left after customs, only to find the new conveyor was at the far back left. Oh well, I guess it checks that we’re awake when we arrive.

Drove home. House is still here. Car needs a wash.

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